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6 Questions Submitted To Several Liberal Leadership Teams

I got the questions finished last night and have submitted them to people I know on 4 of the campaigns: George Takach, Marc Garneau, Deborah Coyne and Joyce Murray.

I’m still looking around trying to find out who to talk to on the Justin Trudeau/Martha Hall Findlay /David Bertschi/Martin Cauchon/Karen McCrimmon teams as to who to submit these 6 Questions for the leader candidates to respond to (if they so choose to answer, of course -that would be noted on the blog and the aggregates it goes to as well).

If any on those teams or in the know would like to direct me to who I’d submit these to, feel free to contact me.

I was pondering posting what 6 Q’s I’d actually submitted to the candidates or would be.. but I think I’ll hold of on that for now, in the interest of fairness (though I will be re-posting any replies on here from candidates in the order I receive them).

UPDATE as of 1:09pm EST: Contacted by a Martha Hall Findlay supporter asking me to send him the Q’s to pass “up the pipeline” as he put it.. so I’ll count MHF’s team as also having gotten this. 5 down, 4 to go

UPDATE 2: 3:00 pm: Omar Algharbra, former Liberal MP and on Justin’s Team.. contacted me and asked me to submit my questions to him. 3 teams to go.

UPDATE 3 @ 3:11 pm. Got a lead from someone on the Bertschi campaign.. so I’ve hopefully emailed them along to his team. 2 to go – Cauchon and Mccrimmon


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