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A look ahead

So after a successful OLP Convention where several bloggers were accredited (and others were blogging as delegates and alternates), here’s a brief look ahead at where I hope to be social media and blogging:

-I’m finishing up with drafting the final questions to submit to the Federal Liberal Leadership candidates, as I did with the provincial Liberal leadership ones. I’ll probably get them done tomorrow, as the Federal Liberal Candidates are taking one on one interviews in Winnipeg, and I’d like to see what they get asked… as I’m trying to formulate 5 6 unique questions for them, but which can be answered by all so we can all compare answers (I changed my mind on 5 – I decided I’d send in 6, after observing the debate and getting a good range of suggested questions to ask).

– Speaking of the Federal Liberals, they are not holding a Convention per se, but they are holding an “event” at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday April 6. It sounds like a big oversized debate amongst the candidates or something, which will supposedly be the final determination on how party members and “supporters” vote for them (results released in Ottawa on Apr 14).. I’ve been looking into that and putting forth some quiet blogging accreditation inquiries, to see whether the LPC will accredit bloggers to that I’m hopeful the accreditation/blogger fiasco of the 2011 Liberal Policy Convention will not be repeated (which I won’t go into again at the moment).

UPDATE @ 4:25 pm. Questions finalized (partially due to the suggestions I got on Twitter and Facebook from those interested in the race). They shall be submitted to the teams tomorrow, or as I figure out who to send them to.


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