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Lets review what Kathleen Wynne answered to my five questions (and the blogger conference call)

Now that Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario (or about to be made formally), I think now might be a good time to review what she said in response to the 5 questions I sent her and some of the other candidates, and see where she might go:

The first question was why the OLP should pick her to be Premier. Her answer was that she had experience bringing people together, building partnerships, and that leadership depended on building a team. We’re going to see part of that over the next couple of weeks when she decides who to put in Cabinet, as well as the fractures she faces with teachers. This response will be put to an immediate test.

The 2nd question – what would be her first priority on being elected Premier? She said “my first priority will be to appoint a cabinet, bring back the legislature as scheduled, craft a Throne Speech, and introduce a budget.. the legislature should return on February 19th as scheduled.” That looks pretty well accurate, I’d say.

3rd question – What policy(s) or changes in style would you bring to the Ontario Liberal Party? Her answer here was more general. She basically said she wanted to start conversations inside & outside of government, and have healthy debate inside the OLP, and the caucus as well. More general then I would have liked, so I’m hoping that becomes more fleshed out in the days and weeks ahead.

The 4th question was with regards to how she would make the OLP more appealing to rural Ontario: The reply was about how she had dealt with leaders in both rural and urban Ontario, and would try to listen to their concerns better. Again, not as specific I’d like, and I’m with BigCityLib in his unease of what she has said to do with rural Ontario in her initial pronouncements on wind turbines during the debates (I do live in a rural area too, by the way, and I live north of a town (the town where I was born, actually) that is hosting a wind turbine factory for badly needed jobs).

That said, she expanded on this answer when she did her blogging conference call with us bloggers; there she said she supports the Green Energy Act, but felt the Liberal government could have done better at engaging communities and gettng their input, and she wanted a better up-front process. That I can certainly support.

The last question dealt with how she would deal with a potentially hostile minority government. Her answer was: “I will work with our partners in government, outside of government, and with the members of the opposition. I believe there is common ground and that the people of Ontario want all parties to work together to find solutions”. Again, very general.. but we have at least seen this week her meetings and attempts to reach out to the other parties, notwithstanding the PC’s and Tim Hudak deciding to give her congratulations with an attack ad.

When I first got her answers, and was later comparing them to the other candidates, I felt others had done much better for specifics and ideas.. it was her subsequent and aforementioned answers on that bloggers conference call where she filled in some gaps, and got me to thinking that she might be a good choice if she were to win.

She said in that call she’d like to do some more blogger/social media Q and A, and I hope that’s another promise she keeps. I’ve already mentioned in my last blogpost commenting on her win I’d like to see that, so if she wants to do them, I’m game, as would be others.


4 comments to Lets review what Kathleen Wynne answered to my five questions (and the blogger conference call)

  • kwittet

    You call it a rant Scott then the only point you attacked was about the bloggers.
    The rest is true and is cause for serious concern.
    As far as the point about bloggers I will just have to take your word for it.
    The fact that bloggers are being accredited now says something even though most
    of the blogs i read are very much tabloid like.

    • I didn’t “attack” you.. I gave you a rebuttal.. slight difference.

      And, there’s no point in me trying to argue with you on the other stuff, because you’re not going to go along with any of what I say anyhow, no more then I agree with anything in what’s the point?

      Plus, I prefer to try to keep good amicable relations with my family relations.. and arguing over politics isnt a way to do that 🙂

  • kwittet

    Well She won and in Scotts post he talks about her being a woman and gay and we should be proud of this.
    I would love to know why you think that being gay and a woman are such great qualities to make her an effective leader. I want to the person elected to be qualified to do the job. I dont give a rats ass whether its a man or woman or gay or straight.
    I digress
    One of the most alarming things she has said since she won was that she is going to carry on with Daltons legacy. Now let me think where to start..
    well she will raise taxes as Dalton was famous for that
    she is going to have many new scandals as Daltons years in office proved he was good at scandals. We had E-health..Orange…the reason he quit was to avoid a inquirey into the power plant deals..all day kindegarton…
    I am glad she opened her big mouth and said she will carry on as Dalton did…that means a new government will be in by fall and we can finally get rid of one of the most corrupt provincial governments this province has ever had.
    Today I heard on the radio that she is going to revisit the controversial sex education plan that was talked about a few years ago
    this is what they talked about on the radio.
    At grade three level kids will learn about masterbation
    At grade 4 they will learn about intercourse and homosexuality
    AT grade 5 they will learn about oral sex
    At grade six they will learn about anal sex
    This woman for saying she is going to carry on Daltons legacy and then spewing this garbage about sex ed…political suicide
    She will be one of the shortest stiing priemers in ontario history
    Also that they let the bloggers in…from the numbers i see here it appears the bloggers dont have that big a following
    And you support her…disgusting

    • That was a nice rant Kevin.. hope you feel better 🙂

      I’ll skip to the last part of the rant about bloggers not being popular or that big a following. The number of comments on a thread do not mean diddly about popularity. It’s the number of page views and unique visits one gets; personally..I don’t keep huge track of what I get. I don’t obsess over it. The aggregated sites I am part of and/or run, however, do very well with page views/unique visits. They also are read rather well by the political folks, as my IP log can attest; same for others.

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