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Bets on when the #olpldr Convention will declare a winner?

I’m about to head off to the train station to catch my ride back into the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention, and my first musing of the day (on my blog anyhow) is pondering when we might have a declared winner.

I was talking informally with some of the candidates campaign teams who I know, and they informally predicted a long day. One said midnight; another just said “late”. At the beginning of this, we were told to prepare for a Convention still being in session on Sunday (which is why I bought a train ticket tomorrow; if there isn’t one, perhaps I’ll still try and visit people I know – both political or otherwise).

I was willing to bet that between my train departure this evening (7:05 pm) and midnight was when things would get settled. However, there’s a complicating factor; you may have read about that bad 70 car pileup west of Toronto yesterday afternoon in a snow squall; some people hurt, and some delegates who were coming to register were involved.

The hours were extended on registration.. so now I’m at 50/50 odds in my own mind on whether we’re here tomorrow AM or not..maybe us bloggers should start a pool on that.

Oh.. and as a sidenote, today is supposed to be big protest day outside of MLG, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing some photos of that taken that will pop up on Twitter or at our Progressive Blogger photostream/OLP leadership coverage section for those bloggers who are of that affiliation and sending those in.


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