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In Toronto at the #olpldr (Ontario Liberal Party) Convention

So I’m in Toronto at Maple Leafs Gardens, (or at Mickey Flynn’s eating lunch at the moment using the free wi-fi) with Jim Calder of The Progressive Right. Seen a few friends and acquaintances here, and the Bloggers Table Vantage Point is pretty sweet.

We’ve seen a Kathleen Wynne press conference here in the foyer; where she interestingly made the point she doesnt have to have a by-election; she’s already elected as an MPP, and she will reconvene the Legislature Fe 19, so she obviously thinks that’s a big issue, trying to distinguish herself from Pupatello

Outside, we have some protesters from the Farmers and Horses First group – “Farmers an Horses Firt, Casions 2nd” is on their logo. Jim took a picture of the folks (very friendly and those pics are up at the Prog Blog flickr site (here –

For accredited bloggers (those covering and not here as delegates or alternates) we have: myself, Jim Calder (Progressive Right), Nancy Leblanc (Impolitical), Matt Guerin (Queer Liberal), Omar-Ha Redeye (formerly of Law is Cool, but doing it under his own blog), BigCityLib, Lisa Kirbie, and a blogger I’ve not met yet by the name of Dave Meslin (MeZ dispenser – very cool name)

Keep on eye on their blogs, this blog, Progressive Bloggers for pic and stories from others not there but also writing, as well as the twitter accounts of these folks and the others already mentioned


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