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Monday Morning Musings

A couple of items that have caught my attention:

– There has been a rising chorus of folks that have been allied with Chief Teresa Spence publicly saying that they feel she should end her hunger strike; Those now include Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come (he of the Cree in Northern Quebec that took on the Quebec government over hydroelectric development), noted NDP commentator, Gerry Caplan, and now Leader of the Opposition/NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. I agree with these calls, even as I am in sympathy with her. She may not have had the PM and the Governor-General in the same room, but she still got to meet both separately, and got them to move to meet the leaders of the First Nations. Chief Coon Come said it best: “I think if one is to make statements, they have to be credible based on at least some facts, on some knowledge, and hopefully be able to compromise.. when you ask for something in this country, in my experience in negotiations, it’s a give and take. There has to be a save-face, for both sides.”

– We have had delegate elections in Ontario to pick a new Ontario Liberal leader (and by default, Premier) over the weekend. It appears Sandra Pupatello and Kathleen Wynne are the two front-runners. Adam Radwanski of the Globe has posted numbers here, which shows how close it is (these don’t count 400+ votes from Liberal MP’s and officials). I’m predicting 3 ballots before the new Liberal leader is decided (which I should be there to witness, when blogging accreditation comes from the OLP. which should be soon now that this voting is complete).


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