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Another update re: accreditation process for blogging at the OLP Leadership Convention

I spoke with Christine McMillan by phone today, and I have some more information from her regarding the accreditation process:

– The blogger accreditation form will be up at the main website of the OLP soon (as soon as things settle down there re the weekend events). They will announce when it is up on their Twitter account (@OntLiberal), and probably a website release (and I think she will be firing off an email to me as well, so I can relay it).

– She did not have a number for me as to how many bloggers they are going to be admitting; it will depend primarily upon space. I mentioned I’d heard a number of around eight, but she couldn’t confirm or deny that; she will find that out.

– There will be a registration room for bloggers (as well as the media and delegates) to get their accreditation on Friday. Officially, blogger accreditation is from 9am -11 pm. I mentioned I might have an issue with that, as I hadnt planned to get up there until Saturday; not sure if others were going to hold off on coming til Saturday or not. The problem seems to be from the OLP’s point of view that they’re using the registration room for their voting room on Saturday after the main speeches are done. Something else she will get back to me on if those registration hours can be extended or not.

– There will be a liaison person there from the OLP to deal with any questions bloggers might have and go over any rules and regulations. Again, that person is yet to be determined, but it sounds like it will probably be someone from the media relations team.

– I asked her about the issue of allowing non-Liberal bloggers to also be included in the accreditation process. She said she hadn’t really thought about that, and would have to get back to the organizers. She asked me what I thought, and I strongly encouraged her to pass along they do so – it will show the OLP is not afraid of contrary opinions, and if they treat the bloggers well, they will still get praise for it, regardless of political differences, as we Liberal bloggers did with our treatment at the NDP leadership convention – it was first rate, and they treated us all equally, regardless of political affiliation. I hope that happens here as well.

Oh, and I’ll probably apply as being from “Progressive Bloggers”, rather then my personal blog, since that’s how I seem to be mostly known by… most of those who read blogs know I run both.

UPDATE @ 7:41 pm:- I should mention she had no opinion one way or the other bout folks that might be “dual delegates/bloggers”, something else she will ask about. (I mentioned I knew there were a few bloggers trying to become delegates who would apply for accreditation if they didn’t make it, but what if they wanted to be both?)


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