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A disquieting rumor on the Ontario Liberal Convention blogging front

I’m still away on Christmas/New Years vacation, hence my absence from here… so Happy New Year to everyone.

Secondly, just a little update on the Ontario Liberal Leadership convention and whether or not they will be accrediting bloggers to cover the convention as social/new media. Nothing official has come yet either way. I would send a friendly suggestion to those at the OLP organizing this that they should be making a decision sooner rather then later, and if your decision is to have bloggers attending to cover you as new media/social media journalists, you need to set some time for yourself to send out applications for accreditation, check the applications out, presumably set up an area for bloggers to be based out of to monitor/cover the proceeding, etc.

While there has been no official word yet, there has been some rumours. One particular one I do not like (and which I hope is either not true or will be scuttled) is that they might pull the move the Federal Liberals tried a year ago, which is to say bloggers can come, but only if bloggers pay a 1000$ fee for the right to be an “observer”, and not given the accreditation as regular Mainstream media journalists are.

Needless to say, that would not be received very well here, or elsewhere. If the media who are attending and/or who apply for accreditation are also charged the same 1000$ fee, then I’d understand the logic, even though that would mean few or none of us would be attending due to that cost, but if we’re being shoved into that observer category (which is where for example those attending as observers from another political party would be slotted in), it would show the OLP, like the federal wing (which has really regressed since their open door policy at Montreal in 2006 at their leadership convention) either doesn’t “get” social/new media, or could care less.

Personally, I’d prefer to give them good publicity (such as what the Federal NDP got from bloggers for how well they treated us at their leadership convention, and the majority of bloggers covering that were Liberal-aligned bloggers) but we’ll see the route the OLP decide to take.

UPDATE on 1/4/13, 1:06 pm – Nice to see some other folks agree with me. I’ll emphasize again; this was just a rumour passed on to me – still nothing official that says what their stance on this will be.


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