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Is Harper stubborn enough to create a martyr?

Chief Teresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nations is into her third week of her hunger strike. Her chief demand has NOT been for a personal meeting with Harper, as some are claiming (both friends and opponents) but:

Spence launched her protest with a vow to “die” unless the Conservative government started showing more respect to First Nations concerns and aboriginal treaties. She is demanding a meeting between the Crown, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders to create a new relationship.

That has been reiterated in a tweet by Bob Rae this AM:

Chief Spence has made it clear to me in our conversations she is NOT asking private audience with Mr Harper. Wants promise to meet chiefs.

A personal meeting with Spence would be actually going above and beyond what Spence has been asking for, and hunger-striking about – though it would be a gesture that would show some …humanity on Harper’s part. Harper’s relationship with the First Nations has never been cozy (other then the “apology” he offered in the House of Commons for past actions, which appears to have been nothing more then words), and the relationship with Attawapiskat has been particularly frosty, but is he really that pig-headed to allow a Chief to die rather then meet a bunch of the AFN chiefs on respecting current treaties?

Creating a martyr will be far worse then meeting the Chiefs. A few of the rednecks on Harper’s base might bellow about it, but their views don’t represent the vast majority of the Canadian people, or voters.


13 comments to Is Harper stubborn enough to create a martyr?

  • Stan

    Do any of you meatheads actually know why Harper made changes affecting natives in the omnibus bill?

    Could it have been because that is what the chiefs and native groups asked for when he consulted with them last year?
    Changes so it will be easier for them to pursue economic development that will result in jobs for their band members?

    What a pathetic pack of morons, you beleive everything you hear on the CBC?
    Too funny!

    The natives requested the changes that Harper made, anyone who can read can find that out in about 30 seconds.

  • Stan

    Bobby Sands died after 66 days of a hunger strike, this boob has been on a hunger strike for 3 weeks and she looks like she’s gaining weight.

    How stupid and gullible are you fools?
    She’s robbing the people of her band blind, and you hate filled idiots are supporting her.

  • Burlivespipe

    If Jesus of Nazareth was to visit Chief Spence and urge the PM to meet with Canada’s chiefs, Cons would respond with their demonizing campaign. They see nothing but black and white, hear no one but the exalted narcissist; publicly-funded maybelline for our ministers and no truth for Canadians.
    Any questions who asked for the huge raise in minimum limits for cross-border shopping ? Or who really wanted the penny gone ? We are governed by the stand-in for Walmart, Hortons and Chevron, so that’s why none of the above decisions and most of all the omnibus bill items were ever mentioned to the Canadian public in the election… Harper will go down as the worst PM and biggest sellout in Canadian history.

    • Stan

      Harper increased funding to natives.
      Spence is robbing her people blind, but you racist goons are blinded by your ideology that states no white can do any good and no native can do any wrong.
      You can’t think outside your politically correct little box.
      So who are the racists?

      Why not open your eyes?
      Maybe then you could help solve the problem instead of supporting the thugs like Spence that are robbing their brothers and sisters.

  • Al

    And then there is another point of view. I quote
    For a while there I was wondering if I was the only one person on the planet who saw Spence and her gong show as another one of those media-manufactured “movements” that gets a ton of press but that most people don’t give a hoot about, like the now forgotten “occupy” flash in the pan of last year. I’m pretty sure I’m not though, based on the lack of interest and support for Terri Spence’s crash diet by anyone other than the usual cheering section.

    I know this may sound impolitic but the reality is that many of us non-Canadian Natives came from backgrounds not unlike the Canadian natives. My ancestors were badly oppressed. Their homeland was invaded time and again over hundreds of years by nasty invaders who did awful things to them, took their land, exploited and abused them. After WW2, there was no opportunity for my parents. No jobs, no prospects for a better life. What did they do? When the opportunity came to move on to better things, they took it. They came to Canada, with dreadful memories of cruel enslavement and oppression, They did crappy jobs, they were looked down on by other more established Canadians, they didn’t have influence or connections to the powerful groups in society. But they didn’t sit around and whining, drinking and looking for handouts. They made their way. They were determined to make a better life for themselves and their kids and they succeeded. Their success didn’t come from some government program or tax payer handouts. It came from being determined, having a goal and avoiding destructive behaviour and a supportive community of your own people around you.

    It’s been done many, many times before and there’s no reason that the Canadian Natives can’t do it. The first step is to leave the reserves. Move to where the jobs are, where their kids can get an education, swearing off booze and drugs and developing some self-reliance and self-respect. One more thing: just as I and many
    other immigrants’ kids let go of aspects of our ancestors’ culture that seem backwards, destructive or just plain irrelevant in today’s world, Natives need to do the same and stop clinging to notions of living their lives as if the last 500 years haven’t happened. Things change, the world evolves, s**t happens. Deal with it and move on. I have no idea why any people would cling to the very culture of dependency that they claim to revile and why we continue to throw incredible amounts of money at them to keep them that way.

    • kwittet

      Al you are right on the money
      the real point here is that we taxpayers have spent billions…and i mean many billions over the years to support natives and yet we see no value for our tax dollars. A few cases…in Caledoinia they took over the land and claimed it..kept the houses. They had to have that land. I was there a month ago and in the 5 or whatever years since this went down they have done nothing with this property. What a waste. Attawapiskat is another example of gross mis management of taxpayers money and they resist the feds sending in auditors. Here is my issue. We pour billions in with zero results. I have no issues with the natives until they leave their land and start blockading what ever they see fit to further their cause. I feel bad that our ancestors took advantage of them but it is not my faullt and I dont feel i have to keep paying for that. You dont see the Jewish people demanding money from Germany every year because of what their ancestors did and it was a lot more horrible than what our did to the natives. The jewish got on with their lives and moved on. As Al stated they need to help themselves. We can not afford to continue to subsidize this any longer. The Indian act should be scrapped in favour of a program that helps these peoples lives in a productive way with strict monitoring of the way the funds are spent.

  • Stan

    She isn’t on a hunger strike, she is still eating.
    This reminds me of the hostage scene in Blazing Saddles, with the idiots on the left playing the crowd.

    All she is doing is trying to avoid accountability.

    • A tip for you, Stan: stop believing everything Ezra Levant tells you. He belongs to the same conservative crowd that claimed Hilary Clinton didnt have a concussion (was faking it so she didnt have to testify on Benghazi).. we all know how that turned out didn’t we?

      It shouldn’t take her death to convince conservatives that this is also a dumb claim.

      • Stan

        Use your eyes, dimwit.
        She’s been on a hunger strike for 3 weeks and still has more chins than a Chinese phone book?
        Even you aren’t stupid enough to beleive that.

    • maria

      It blows my mind why Scott is even posting your words. It really does show us how immature,childish and uneducated and what a moron you really are.

      Use your brains dimwit. If you even have a few live brain cells in that empty hateful mind of yours.

      And it really makes me wonder who the stupid one really is. Look in the mirror and see yourself looking back.I can almost bet your nose is a lot bigger then her chin.

  • Cara

    My sense is that the campagne to demonize Chief Spence has begun in earnest so as to discredit her and her message. They probably realize there is a real possibility of her hunger strike creating problems for the government so the best thing for them is to make her seem completely unreasonable, even crazy or corrupt, so that if something goes wrong it’s her fault and doesn’t reflect on Harper. It’s also how to keep the public from feeling too much empathy or sympathy for her and her message.

    • Stan

      Why does she still have a double chin if she hasn’t eaten for three weeks?
      Seems she is lying, and some dummies are sick enough to help her lie.

  • Besides a few thens for thans, the point is well made.

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