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Back up! Some Ontario Liberal stuff

We had some downtime here due to a server upgrade last evening and this am, but I’m back now.

Some brief news on the Ontario Liberal leadership convention. I again sent out an inquiry to some of my OLP contacts asking if they’d heard yet whether the party would be accrediting and accepting bloggers there to cover the convention or not.. and still no decision been made; either they’re unsure about letting us rabble in, or they have other bigger stuff on their plate that they need to get out of the way.

Either way.. I was told they would discuss it shortly. I am hopeful that they will, and that bloggers get the type of access we got at the NDP federal convention; which is basically accreditation similar to what the media got (except we couldn’t access the media news room at the convention, or the free bar and food.. which was a bit of a downer).


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