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I don’t like this particular bunch in government either, Justin

Sun News has decided it needs to help Joan Crockett, the CPC candidate in Calgary Centre’s by-election, from suffering an embarrassing loss for the Conservatives, so it dredged up a 2 year old Justin Trudeau quote about him not liking Albertans running the country, and succeeded in getting some of the rest of the Canadian media to go along with the howling about whether Trudeau should be apologizing for this or not.

Personally, I feel there are several Albertan conservative political types who would be fine running the country- Joe Clark for example, or Alison Redford. I’d disagree with a lot of what they’d do, but they are far more moderate or far more pragmatic then this current bunch (Heck, Warren Kinsella is originally from Alberta.. I’d have no issue with him running the country either!)

So, Justin Trudeau’s only mistake he made in saying that quote (and the only omission or clarification I would make if I were him) is that he didn’t say “these particular Albertans” (+ 1 Alberta transplanted PM) with their right-wing ideology are the ones he dislikes running the country.

Otherwise, in my view he shouldn’t be apologizing for what he said, as Sun News, Conservatives and Conservative-friendly media pundits are demanding he do (with what I call manufactured outrage). There are a whole litany of quotes one can dredge up from Harper and other Harper cabinet Ministers that have belittled specific regions of Canada far worse.. yet I don’t quite remember folks in the media getting all in a lather over those as much as this. Harper still hasn’t apologized for saying Atlantic Canadians had a culture of dependency – that was from 2002, and I’m sure you can look up what John Baird said about Toronto a couple of years ago and see if he’s apologized or not.

(If this “outrage” helps anyone, I’ll predict it would probably be the Green Party candidate there, Chris Turner).


6 comments to I don’t like this particular bunch in government either, Justin

  • Stan

    Liberals: the party of hate.

  • kwittet

    Scott hates it when the tables are turned. Liberals are famous for digging up old dirt. The real issue here is that even though Harper is not a popular guy he is doing a resonable job and that is what the decimated liberals hate the most. So when the only star they have ( which is a old recycled name ) turns out to have a bit of dirt on them , liberals cry foul.
    Suck it up boys…your party is going to be in the gutter for a long time.

  • wilson

    Out of the 167 seats PMSH won in 2011, only 27 of them are from Alberta, and only a few of these Alberta MPs sit in cabinet.
    But from Ontario (nearly triple the Alberta numbers) 73 CPC MPs were elected and many more Ontario MPs sit in cabinet.

    So just how is this Government a bunch of Albertans (that should go home)?

    And while I’m pointing out the Liberal antiAlberta sentiment,
    why are there no LPC leadership debates in Alberta and Sask?
    Likely for the same reason the NDP skipped over us for their debates…can’t garner votes here by taking a stand against all things oilsands and Northern Gateway pipeline. (assuming all Albertans are proChina buyout is a mistake too)

    I am not insulted by McGuinty and Trudeau’s remarks. Just don’t come here and pretend the LPC are our friends and the LPC will represent Alberta’s interests.
    We know you would ‘send our MPs’ home in a heart beat if another Coalition of Losers presents itself.

  • billg

    And another thing, this country needs the Liberal Party, its going to need Liberalism very soon. Every party has a best before date, Dalton McGuinty is a good man but let the far left of his party take over and Ontario is in trouble right now because of it and, so is his legacy. Stephen Harper is a good man, but, even he wont be able to fight off the Rightards for ever. Will the LPC still be a 3rd party when we need it most? Remarks like Trudeau’s, and David McGuintys and even Dalton McGuintys are not off the cuff, its a mind set and its hurtful to Western Canadians. Fix it. Marc Garneau should have been a no brainer, the perfect Liberal, an Astronaut and a Scientist and a great man with no baggage. But, here we are with yet again another Liberal saviour with a great last name. It is to say the least, frustrating.

  • billg

    He said it because its easy to say and it wins votes where he needs it. Its that simple. And its ironic that the party that told Canadians for a decade that the Reform Party and that Stephen Harper were scary and dug up quotes and speeches from the past 20 years is now complaining that the Cons are “dredging” up Mr Trudeau’s quotes from 2 years ago. I dont blame Mr Trudeau, he needs to do what he needs to do to win, but, I feel bad for the 90% of Liberal supporters like Volkov who actually believe its not the media’s fault or Alberta’s fault when your leaders say dumb things to hurt unity and your chances of regaining respect in all of Canada.

  • Why bring in Albertans at all, is the main question – why mention that they’re even Albertans? What does that matter? By mentioning where they come from, even if he misspoke, he’s saying undeniably tying an entire province to people he disapproves of. Its like if an Albertan said “I’m sick of Quebeckers” – he may simply have meant Trudeau or Chretien, and not the entire province, but his words imply he meant the entire province.

    And that is where the problem comes in. Its one thing to say that he’s sick of Harper and his cronies – quite another to say that he’s “sick of Albertans.” Very different applications.

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