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Random mid-week thoughts

– You may have seen that Quebecor has decided to cut 500 jobs at SunMedia, as well as a plan of instituting paywalls at their papers. So, with that, all the major newspaper chains in Canada have decided paywalls is the panacea to their various issues on revenue (The other media TV outlets like the CTV site, or CBC remain free to view).
Colour me a tad skeptical that people who don’t feel the papers are worth buying to read in print are going to suddenly turn around and start paying for the privilege of seeing an Ezra Levant rant, and so on. I suppose it depends on the various packages that they offer that would make people want to ante up. There are still lots of news and sports to read free online however.

– In reference to my thinking out loud a few days ago about what the Ontario Liberal candidates stand for, I’ve complied a few questions and fired them off to at least 2 of the campaigns (and hoping to send to a 3rd one). We’ll see if they can find the time to answer; as I’ve mentioned in the past, the OLP has not exactly gone out of its way to interact with social media types, so we’ll see if any of the crop running this time around wants to change that.


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