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There are now 2000 candidates for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership.. what are their policies?

Ok.. so I’m exaggerating.. but it sure seems that way. It also seems like the entire provincial cabinet has resigned so they can enter the race. Two more have entered today, or are about to enter – Charles Sousa – Former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and Eric Hoskins, former Children and Youth Services. I’ve also seen reports on Twitter that Gerard Kennedy, who has been involved in Ontario politics before and of course was a federal Liberal MP, is now going to be entering the race on Monday. Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne are already in the race as is Sandra Pupatello (the apparent front-runner, according to the Toronto Star, though I’m not sure what exactly has caused that declaration – rather early to be declaring front-runners). More may be entering as well.

I’ve not got a horse in this race yet, tho with all these high profile names going all-in, it makes for an extremely more interesting race so far to watch then the Federal Liberal race. However, with all these candidates, it might get a tad confusing for people who stands for what with these folks. Kathleen Wynne has mentioned she’d take a more conciliatory role with Ontario teachers, and hinted she disagreed with the Dalton Mcguinty prorogation. That’s about the most noteworthy thing I’ve seen.

I would hope that these candidates will take a proactive role in explaining what they’d do if they were elected Ontario Liberal leader (and initially become Premier of course). I hope they include social media types as part of that vehicle for explaining.. there are a fair number of Liberal bloggers on Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers and those not part of either affiliation who are willing to give them a sounding board to explain what they’d do as the Ontario Liberal leader/premier and why someone should vote for them over the other candidates (and why voters in Ontario should or would).

I’m one of those willing to volunteer to give them some space, if they will answer questions.


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