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We’ve found the only sane Republican in 2012

Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey praises Obama and his leadership for assisting New Jersey with the aftermath of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy (which means of course he’ll be automatically disqualified from running for President in 2016 by the frothing tea party wing):

Even better, he went on Fox News and chastised the Republican-biased hosts for trying to bring politics into it.. praised Obama there too… another strike against him (in his fellow Republicans eyes).


2 comments to We’ve found the only sane Republican in 2012

  • fred – occasionally Republicans, in the heat of the moment, say things that are true, without any thought of gaming the system. Rare to be certain. I believe that is what has happened here with Christie.

  • fred

    It’s interesting that a Republican governor gives such a glowing endorsement of Barry just before the election. Are the mainstream Republicans afraid of the Romney regressive ideology?

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