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Dalton decides against running; Obama shows Romney foreign affairs isn’t about playing Battleship

As you know by now, Dalton Mcguinty has declared he won’t be running for the federal Liberal leadership. I’ve said previous to this that I didn’t think he would be able to beat Harper, particularly in Ontario, where his reputation wouldn’t be the best. Perhaps Dalton figured this out too, or perhaps he was just persuaded that he should call it a day politically… but I think his decision was the correct one and for the best.

That of course means the Liberals still don’t have any real ‘big names’ to currently run against Justin Trudeau, the obvious front-runner at this point. Everyone agrees, it seems, that the Liberals don’t want or need a coronation, but that’s not Justin Trudeau’s problem. If the business wing of the party (or heck, even the progressive wing, if they think they can find someone more to the left then JT) wants competition for Justin, then it’s their job to persuade someone to run.

My second part of my political musing today is that Obama really ran circles around Mitt Romney last night in the foreign policy debate, taking him to task for complaining the American Navy is smaller then it was in 1917, among other things. (I might also mention that Romney showed he doesn’t know where Iran is on a map, when he claims Syria is the Iranian nation’s access to the sea.. uh.. no.).

Whether or not foreign affairs expertise gives Obama a bounce in the polls or not remains to be seen, but as Nate Silver said; even if it’s only a 1-2% bounce, it will be potentially significant in a close election.

Obama is still favored in the electoral college estimates by the way. Last night’s performance should not hurt him in that regard, and probably will help him.


2 comments to Dalton decides against running; Obama shows Romney foreign affairs isn’t about playing Battleship

  • Stan

    Too funny!
    Romney allowed Obama to let himeself look small, petty, and unpresidential.
    Epic fail.
    Observe the polls….

    Loved Obama’s basketball court ‘death stare’, that sure must have impressed the ladies!

  • Irene

    Perhaps Dalton never had any intentions too run for being a Federal LIberal Leader. I would say that he is fed up with all the crap he’s had to put up with ontarions and from the feds as well as the Media. AS far as I am concerned, they can all go to hell. The sooner the better.

    I would say that he never ever had such intentions. He did his part and likely very tired, and wishing to live the rest of his life peacefully with his own family.

    I wish him well and hopefully this will put an end to all the commentators and the partisan Media once and for all.

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