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Random Friday musings

– I wished Dalton Mcguinty well a few days ago, but the reason (or one of the reasons) I soured on him and the Ontario Liberals is they seemed to try to copy a lot of what Harper and the Federal Conservatives were doing – from the same slogans, to using an omnibus bull (er.. bill), to weakening environmental laws to now proroguing the legislature – too similar for me to be very comfortable with the OLP in its current configuration under Dalton. That is why I hope for a more progressive leader to lead the OLP, and why if Dalton Mcguinty runs for federal Liberal leader (which I am still skeptical about) I won’t be supporting him there.

– Obama seems to have recovered his mojo after the 2nd debate result. The US national polls are a mixed bag, but it’s state polls that matter most, and right now, he has small but significant enough leads in the swing states that matter the most. The US really is a polarized country however; I’m afraid part of it is still due to latent racism against Obama; cries of wanting to send him back to Kenya are unfortunately more prevalent then they ought to be. These are the new “dog whistle” phrases or words in this era.


2 comments to Random Friday musings

  • Stan

    Racism, yeah right.
    You clowns need a new song book.

    And the dog whistle comment shows just how stupid you are, it’s simply a braindead liberal mechanism of interpeting anything at all in any way they want.
    A sure sign of intellectual bankruptcy.

    Watching desperate little liberals embarrassing themselves just never gets old.

  • Brammer


    Suspending the Ontario legislature so the Liberals can elect a new leader simply reeks of self serving arrogance. Not the type of leadership we want at the Federal level.

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