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Thanks Dalton for your public service.

Who said Canadian politics was boring? Premier Dalton Mcguinty of Ontario resigned yesterday, in a rather unexpected move. He has been premier of Ontario for 9 years. I’ve had my beefs with him and his government the past year or 2, but no denying that a) he did bring in a lot of good things while Premier (ie all-day kindergarten) and he also helped to bring Ontario out of the dark rule of Mike Harris and his bunch. For that especially, I am thankful.

Will he run as a federal Liberal leader? If he does, he may be that “moderate” or business-type Liberal counterweight some federal Liberals are desperately seeking to go against Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure he does; if he’s burnt out from politics, period, it doesn’t make much sense he’d immediately jump into a federal Liberal race to try and turn around a struggling third party. Even if he does, he has and will have some baggage left over in Ontario that may not allow him much gains here.

Regardless; my best wishes to him.

As for candidates for new Ontario Liberal leader, I’ve been an admirer of (Dr) Eric Hoskins for awhile. I’d like to see him take a run, as he seems capable, doesn’t have a lot of baggage, and also seems to have good progressive values.


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