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Good move

It seems the publicity and protests about the treatment of marine animals at Marineland has had an effect on the provincial government in Ontario:

The provincial government plans to bring in regulations to protect captive marine mammals in Ontario, the Star has learned…Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur will announce Wednesday at Queen’s Park that her ministry will conduct an extensive consultation in order to formulate new regulations, according to sources…Licensing would include both marine mammals and land animals in captivity.

Currently, anyone in Ontario can own a tiger or beluga whale in their backyard, with no restrictions or government oversight.

This follows an investigation the Star did on Marineland where former trainers alleged very serious deficiencies there. If true, this is a positive step being taken, and one long overdue. I can think of a few “zoos” I’ve seen – which were actually nothing more then some people who had some exotic animals on their private property, and charging people to come in and look at them – that could use some regulations like this.


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