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‘Just Stay’ book details couple’s last journey together against cancer.

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I decided this was a good day to publicize a book that my cousin has just published. It is called “Just Stay”; it details the year and a half journey that she took with her husband, Rob, when he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in August 2009, to the day he passed away in late September, 2010. Here is an explanation from Jen in her foreword a bit about the book:

When Rob was diagnosed with cancer, I made a decision to leave my job and become Rob’s primary caregiver for whatever short period we had left together. Within a very brief time, a team of health care providers gathered around us to help us in our journey..
…This is a living story about the irrepressible forces of life, hope, and love that emerge so strongly even in death. Throughout Rob’s illness, this journey seemed to draw in more and more people, changing their lives as they encountered Rob and the spirit in which he experienced not only his illness but also his life. This story wanted telling, perhaps so that it could keep finding people who need some soul food for their own difficult times.

If you’d like to read a bit more of Rob and Jen’s story, here are a couple of newspaper articles about it.

On a personal level, as a fairly close-knit and small family, I can say that we saw and heard some of the story she tells, but not the whole story, so a lot of this book will be a revelation for me and us in the extended family too. However, many people are touched by cancer, so hopefully this book will bring a bit of hope and perhaps courage to those people.

The book can be ordered at the Just Stay website. I’m hoping it will be available at some of the online Canadian book sites soon.


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