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Non-political post – 3D printing for everyone

A slight break from politics today. I thought I’d point you to a very interesting article at the Financial Post, which features an article on Panda Robotics and 3D Printing and the effort to bring that to home users – where it was once only found in design studios and research labs.

I reference it because the fellow who owns it was once a fellow Progressive Blogger (and he may still consider himself that 😉 ) Kelly John Rose. In fact, this blog of mine is sitting on one of Kelly’s servers.. so I think the least I could do is to publicize what he’s up to with his company.

If you want to see what their specific 3D printer looks like and how it works, (it’s called the PandaBot), here’s the link for that.

My sincere best wishes to Kelly and his company.. I hope the concept of 3D printing goes big for them.


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