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The right thing done.

I haven’t said much on Omar Khadr’s return; I’ve been reading with a mixture of amusement and disgust the right wing vitriol over this decision. The Conservatives apparently had good reason to fear their right-wing “base” reaction to Khadr being returned, if the reaction on Twitter and blogs are any indication.

All I will say is this: It is the right decision to make. The government may or may not have been pressured by the US into taking Khadr back (which John Baird claimed, and which a US envoy denied), but it’s the right move, regardless. It will now give authorities the opportunity to try and rehabilitate Khadr for his eventual release back into Canadian society – something that would not have happened if the Conservatives had insisted Khadr stay down in the US for the remainder of his sentence. He would have been released in 7 years and have full right of return to Canada as a Canadian citizen, without any conditions able to be imposed. Now at least, he can be monitored and assessed and so on.

As for right-wingers and such all up in an uproar over his return, there’s nothing you can do about it now – except not vote for the Conservatives next election if you’re so angry about it.


1 comment to The right thing done.

  • Stan

    If he was going to be rehabilitated, why hasn’t it happened yet?
    He’s a hard core jihadist, and all the warm and fuzzy thoughts in the world won’t chnage that.

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