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Polls on Liberal (would-be) contenders and NDP leads.

You might have seen a poll out in the past couple of days from Forum Research stating that if Justin Trudeau became Liberal Party leader, he’d receive 39% of the vote, Stephen Harper’s CPC getting 32% and the NDP reverting back to their long held 3rd party status with 20%. You might have also seen an Environics poll out as well that showed the NDP in the national lead with 35%, CPC at 31%, and the Liberals with the 20% that they’ve held basically since Election Day in 2011.

In both instances, they are interesting snapshots of the Canadian public, but in both cases, we’re a little under 3 years yet from an election, and in Justin Trudeau’s case, he hasn’t even formally announced his candidacy yet (though that’s apparently widely expected in the next week or 2), and despite the fact he’s perceived as a front runner if and wen he enters, we don’t know yet who his potential competitors are – he may not even win, so it’s a premature in both cases to be jumping to conclusions in either result.


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