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A US election prediction

Hardly going on a limb here, I don’t think.. but let me just say that unless something drastic happens (i.e Obama somehow does a disastrous debate or 2), I think Obama is cruising to re-election. He may not win the national popular vote by much, and he may not win as many electoral college votes as he did in 2008, but in the swing states that matter, he will win more then enough it appears, and in some cases win by good margins. Mitt Romney can’t seem to go a week without putting his foot in his mouth; he at times has proceeded to put both feet in his mouth in the same week. His VP nominee, Paul Ryan, just got booed at an AARP convention for suggesting the Republicans would do away with the Health Care Reform, known as ObamaCare (it’s basically an organization that represents US Seniors – a large advocacy group). Wisconsin, his home state, now shows polls that favor Obama and the Democrats.

If you’d like to follow the Electoral College vote count, there are 2 sites you can follow. One is considered a lean-Democrat site, the other is definitely a Republican-favoured site, but both have similar numbers right now.

(On the Electoral-College site, a very interesting column on the Republican-leaning pollster Rasmussen. This site as a result features the EC count both with and without Rasmussen polling)


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  • kwittet

    That means another 4 years of absolutltey horrid fiscal plans…poor foreign relations and a lame president who has done nothing to bring his country out of the financial mess they are in. If you are going to comment that Bush left him a terrible mess this is true. He could have cancelled TARP…could have undone many of the things Bush started to slow the effects. Instead his fiscal policys have devastated there furure. This will continue to keep our economy from growing at a healthy rate. Lets face the facts. Obama has been a total failure> He has driven up the debt of the USA to a point that it may take many generations to recover.
    At least they will have health care. They are going to need it>

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