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There is no BC Liberal Party..

…there is apparently just a party pretending to be Conservative-lite using that particular name.

Faced with continuing dreadful poll numbers, BC Premier Christy Clark has decided to postpone the Fall Sitting of the legislature and won’t recall it till probably February 2013. That means the legislature will not have sat for 9 months by the time it gets recalled.

Apparently, Premier Clark has decided that if the Federal Conservative Party can get a minor poll boost from not having Parliament sit in session.. 9 months ought to do her party the trick.

I’m not sure what has happened to the BC Liberal Party, but it is not a Liberal Party I’m familiar with (nor liberal for that matter). Those on the progressive center-left who normally would and have parked their votes with the BC Liberals should take note of this and vote accordingly next May, when the BC provincial election is being held. There are a couple of other parties that would probably represent your values more then the current incarnation of the BC Liberals (not there may be many of those voters left to switch votes, since the current polls are horrific for them).


7 comments to There is no BC Liberal Party..

  • Jordan

    People should look up the definition of liberal. If you’ve supported the Liberal Party of Canada’s policies last year then you’re not that liberal minded.

  • Doesn’t matter much. The right wing in BC is already preparing for the expected death of the BC Liberals by collectively jumping ship to the BC Conservatives. Basically, for decades now there have been two parties in BC: The NDP, and whatever vehicle the various relatively-right-wing power brokers in the province have compromised on as their vehicle for trying to stop the progressives from getting into power. Any time one starts to stink too bad they find another host. It was the Socreds, then it was the Liberals, next it’ll be the Conservatives, maybe after that they’ll take a leaf from Saskatchewan’s book and create a “British Columbia” party.

  • MoS

    There’s nothing remotely “liberal” in the LPBC. Wilson’s attempts to rebuild a genuinely liberal party for the province died when the Social Credit Party imploded. So-Creds bailed, took out LPBC memberships, and took over Wilson’s Liberals, running Wilson out for good measure. They’re hardly Conservative-Lite. They’re full fledged conservatives except in name. Any self-respecting liberal will agree they deserve to be routed next year.

  • Jordan

    The BC Liberals have probably been more liberal then the federal Liberals in recent years.

  • shadow12ea

    WITH THE lieberal’s decision to not have the legislature sit for the fall, I would suggest they give up their salaries for that time period. The mla’s receive salaries for work they are supposed to do. now part of that is sitting in the legislature & debating, passing, legislation or whatever. If they aren’t going to work, they shouldn’t get paid.

    If a doctor, teacher, bartender, server, bus driver, etc. doesn’t go to work, they dont’ get paid, unless they are sick, if there is sick leave, so lets not pay these people & see how fast they get back to work.

  • Well said!

    The sooner the Tory-lite BC Libs implode, the better the chance for the REAL Liberals to form a REAL Liberal Party of BC. Then let’s go at it with four parties competing for power!

  • rockfish

    I once volunteered for the BC Liberal Party — back in 1984 or abouts… The 1991 resurrection of the party under Gordon Wilson was a liberal incarnation and could have been something I would support. However, after Social Credit’s fiscal restraint program following the 1983 election I’ve voted NdP and even in 1991 — i just didn’t see Wilson’s team getting as much headwind as they did from the TV debate.
    My path crosses with a lot of BC Liberal supporters due to our federal ties; I feel sorry for them and a bit for Cristy Clark. However, the party under Gordon Campbell created a mess (the worst being the warehousing of the record of hundreds of abuses and death investigations from the foster child program before the 2005 election — which the media helped bury under the carpet afterwards) and will have to pay. Along with Harper’s covert agents coming forward to stick a knife in anything with the word ‘liberal’ in it. Of course, this will result in them being on the outside for the next 10-14 years (hopefully)…

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