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Quebec court makes Vic Toews very mad.

As you might have read, a Quebec Superior Court ruled that Ottawa must hand over gun registry data pertaining to Quebec over to the province, so it can help start up its own provincial gun registry:

In his decision, considered a victory for Quebec, Judge Marc-André Blanchard said the registry was created in a collaboration between governments and that Ottawa can’t destroy the data on its own. “There is a complex web between the federal, provincial and municipal authorities that wove the firearms registry, which means that it could not have existed without the close and constant co-operation of everyone,” Blanchard wrote.

You can be assured the Conservative government will appeal this decision all the way to the Supreme Court; how that ruling will go is anyone’s guess, but it was kind of fun reading Public Safety Minister Vic Toews press release (an oxymoron for this government and particularly this minister if there ever was one):

“The will of Parliament and Canadians has been clear. We do not want any form of a wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry,” Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said in a statement. “Our Conservative government will continue to fight against any measures that needlessly target law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters.”

You can just see the steam coming from old Vic’s ears, eh? You can also see the contempt he holds Canadian courts with, for daring to rule against the federal government.

One other note: it is noted that unlike Quebec, Ontario has refused to join in and try to preserve their gun registry data, despite the Liberal government opposing the destruction of the registry – a private organization is the one in Ontario that has gone ahead with a court case. It is stuff like this that doesn’t endear me with our Provincial Liberal government right now. Is it risky for Dalton? Sure, but so was the environmental measures he took that has some rural folks in a fluff. He should show that same resoluteness on this issue.


8 comments to Quebec court makes Vic Toews very mad.

  • Mr Towes has a habit od putting his foot in his mouth– everything he relates to as justification for the governments actions can histroically be seen in history of the 1939 era in Germany its do as we say not as we do –we can do this to you but do not apply it to us or we will get mad –how dare you — helo Vic your visions of harper grandeos are really a comedy

  • Stan

    My my, so much hate from all those peace loving hippies…..

  • kwittet

    And on another note Harper is set to recieve a statesman of the year award.

    • ..from an organization no one in Canada has even heard of until Sun News got tipped off by the PMO that he was receiving it. Heck, I didn’t even know Chretien had received the same award in 2002, until the same Sun News organization brought that out as a defense of Harper getting it.

      • kwittet

        See how great the SUn news network is. If it was any other news organization…especially ones that only love liberals you would have never known about this scott. consider yourself educated.

  • Stan

    Is there something wrong with appealing decisions you don’t agree with Scott?
    What is the problem with going to a higher court?

  • shadow12ea

    I wouldn’t say the judge made Vic “mad”. I’d suggest Vic has been “mad” for some time. Perhaps the judge’s decision caused Vic to be come angry or “go madder” but I’ve always thought ole’ Vic was “mad” to begin with.

  • Al

    McGuinty has lost his way in the Liberal Wasteland

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