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Ontario voters wake up today to what they had yesterday, (sort of).

Forum Research, the polling company, must be feeling pretty good today. Their opinion polls released the day before the 2 by-elections held more or less accurate. The Liberals held Vaughan, and in a surprise upset, the NDP, who last held the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo back in 1943 when it was then known as the CCF, came from third place to win rather handily over the Conservative and Liberal candidates.

SO what does that say to me? A few observations:

– I’m not the only one who is pleased to see Turncoat Tony Genco, who ran to and for the Conservatives both federally and provincially after running for the federal Liberals not long before, go down in flames yet again. I’m hoping Tony gets it that he’s not electable and retires from politics of any sort.

– As for Kitchener-Waterloo, I hope the provincial Liberals take some humility from this defeat (a 3rd place showing), and maybe some lessons. I disagreed with the attempted demonization of the teachers, and also seeing every provincial Liberal staffer/member harping online about the need for a “strong stable majority” (borrowing again another line from Harper). At this point, the strategy needs to be rethought here, as well as the voters being targeted. Progressive voters obviously left the Liberals and went to the NDP in droves last night.

– The NDP can only be smiling. Some may dismiss it as a protest vote perhaps, but when you win a riding that you haven’t held since World War II under your party’s previous name, that’s no small feat. Andrea Horwath has gotten a bit of the Federal NDP’s rise plus her own personal popularity to thank for it. Speaking of the federal NDP, they can point to this riding as an example that ridings held by Conservatives can flip and go to the NDP. Perhaps the suburban ridings and voters aren’t as “blue” as conventional wisdom says, if you have a popular leader or candidates.

– Lastly, if the Liberals got a lesson, the Progressive Conservatives got a slap in the face. Kitchener-Waterloo should have been a winnable seat that had been held for years by a very popular PC in Elizabeth Witmer, yet they managed to lose it. I wouldn’t want to be Hudak in the caucus meeting, trying to explain why he lost. The slightly bitter press release last night claiming the teachers unions “bought” the election also shows his sore loser side, and shows the voters in Kitchener Waterloo and elsewhere he doesn’t think much of their ability to decide who to vote for on their own. There is no way a 3rd place party with no recent history of winning this riding “bought” an election with their ads. There aren’t that many teachers living in Kitchener Waterloo. A plurality of voters in a “red Tory” riding did not view Tim Hudak as a viable alternative.


2 comments to Ontario voters wake up today to what they had yesterday, (sort of).

  • kwittet

    The main thing to celebrate with these results is that Dalton didnt get a majority. After many years of his addiction to raising taxes and spending and also so many corrupt programs under his watch who would want him having totall control again. The other partys are unproven but obviosly the voters dont feel good about them either. I am sure Dalton realises that his days are numbered and that is why the sudden turn around in dealing with the massive defficit he has created. To me being a normally conservative voter at all levels and some what informed the choice of any three of the partys and both levels is unacceptable.
    I do like the comment Scott that you made…There aren’t that many teachers living in Kitchener Waterloo…..I would seriously like to know how you know this??
    I know its easy to make assumptions and to warp the results to fit your narrow minded agenda and partisan views.

  • This and This certainly didn’t help the OntLibs … probably hurt more because it reeks of desperation and stupidity. Just sayin’ …

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