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Quebec – good, bad and very ugly.

We had all 3 in last night’s Quebec provincial election. The bad news if you’re a Canadian federalist is the PQ won, and that Liberal Premier Jean Charest lost his seat. The good news is the PQ only won a slim minority (54-50-19-2 as of this AM), and the Liberals did not get as badly trounced as many polls had predicted – they did surprisingly well. (Don’t expect a CAQ/Liberal coalition government however; as the CAQ leader had ruled out doing that with any party during the campaign).

The ugly is that there was a shooting last night at Pauline Marois’s victory speech. 1 person was killed, another injured, and the assailant apparently tried to set fire to the building where the PQ was holding it’s event. He was later arrested and apparently mumbling “The English are rising” as he was led away. There is no doubt to me it was politically motivated, and a a very sad end to that campaign. It is a very rare occurrence to have political violence in Canada and very unsettling to see that. Hopefully, just the work of a lone crazy person.


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