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Ontario Provincial Byelection stuff – Kitchener Waterloo Liberal stuff I dislike

For the record: I’m a card carrying federal Liberal (and remain so, despite the trouble the party is facing right now). I have BEEN an Ontario provincial card-carrying Liberal until recently, when I let it lapse because I wasn’t impressed with their tactics regarding the budget omnibus bill and the weakening of environmental laws – I called it a very Harper-like tactic.

They’re doing more of this Harper-like stuff in Kitchener-Waterloo’s byelection, and like this local Liberal blogger, I’m again not impressed.. more Harper-like stuff.

I don’t live and can’t vote in that riding, but I can entirely empathize with him for speaking out and proclaiming he’s not voting for the Ontario Liberal Party because of it.


4 comments to Ontario Provincial Byelection stuff – Kitchener Waterloo Liberal stuff I dislike

  • Lexy Cameron

    Hey, I’ve been feeling the same way about the provincial Liberals.

    I don’t like how they politicized the teachers’ issue in an attempt to take K-W. I don’t like the use of an omnibus bill.

    I’m nervous about their position on environmental issues, especially the ludicruous mega-quarry monster.

  • Thanks for staying “classy” Scott!

  • Brammer

    McGuinty has definitely taken some pages out of Harper’s book. Hell, at least Raitt waited until there was actual job action before crushing workers rights.

    I kind of like the current Provincial arrangement. All parties have their feet to the fire. They either play nice with each other or pay the price in the media or in the next election.

    An NDP win would be appropriate IMHO, keep the restraints on Dalton McHarper.

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