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The Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC figured out.

If you follow politics and more specifically follow American Politics.. you know the talk lately has been the quirky offbeat speech that actor Clint Eastwood gave at the Republican National Convention – specifically addressing an empty chair pretending President Obama was sitting there while attempting to go “Dirty Harry” on him.

I think I see the method to Clint’s madness though. All I’ve seen since that appearance are the ads/commercials for his latest film “CurveBall” in a couple of weeks, about a baseball scout slowly losing his ability as he ages.

If you think about it, this was perfect publicity: put forward a uh, “attention-getting” speech at the RNC, and then blanketing the airwaves with the promo to his new movie, with a theme that seems to tie in with his bizarre rant.

I think it’s sort of a “mad scientist” genius on Eastwood’s part… though it obviously didnt help Romney much, trying as hard a they are to defend the speech.


1 comment to The Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC figured out.

  • Stan

    When it goes viral, and spawns it’s own term, Eastwooding’ you don’t have to defend it.
    From the outrage in the liberal media it is obvious they found it very effective.

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