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Some nervous Calgary Conservatives over Northern Gateway pipeline fate

Joan Crockett won the Conservative nomination for Calgary-Centre. That wasn’t what interested me – what was interesting was reading in this op-ed how nervous those Conservatives are about the fate of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Some exhibits of that include Joan Crockett herself:

“Alberta needs some friends..We need to get out the message about our industry to Ontario, to the rest of Canada…We are looking after our environment …we’re proud of what we are contributing to the national scene,” ”

…and the others said stuff like “Harper can’t carry the file alone.”, or “we need to tell our story better.” or taking potshots at Mulclair and the NDP, calling them a reincarnation of Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program (the fact the Liberals didnt get mentioned shows how much of a back-seat the party has taken as the main opposition to Harper. Mulcair and the NDP are the ones viewed as the threat to unlimited tarsands development, and rightly so).

Interestingly, no one took shots at BC, where the most immediate problems occur for the Northern Gateway pipeline. Perhaps they didn’t want to inflame that part of the country further; but there was an obsession here of hoping out loud that the Harper government could somehow fine-tune their message so Canadians would like the tarsands, or more specifically like the Northern Gateway project.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a good number of Canadians don’t like what they hear.. or perhaps they don’t like this specific project… no matter how sweet the PM and his crew talk. Those folks don’t wish to contemplate that possibility.


4 comments to Some nervous Calgary Conservatives over Northern Gateway pipeline fate

  • Stan

    You prefer to ship oil by train?
    It’s going one way or the other.

  • Fred from BC

    Small freighters don’t compare to VLCCs all at (especially the double-hulled ones that will be sailing our waters), and Prince William Sound is doing quite well last time I checked (nature is quite efficient at repairing such damage).

  • shadow12ea

    some people just can’t figure out why people in B.C. don’t want pipelines & bitamen freighters up & down our coast. well come & have alook some time during winter. lets not forget the 3 mud slides we had, you can catch them on the t.v. news if you check back. These slides happen all over b.c. & you can’t stop them. they sweep everything in their path, houses, half mountains, etc.

    we don’t want all that mess in b.c. & it doesn’t matter how much money is promised, you can’t eat money, you can’t ski on it, you can’t fish on it, etc. we also know we won’t get much of it so what is the point of having the pipelines. you can’t even appeal to greed because people know this is all about china & multi national corporations. why haper & his ilk are shilling for them I[lll never know. they guy ought to be tried for treason.

  • Julie

    Harper and ex BC liberal Premier Gordon Campbell and Harper did a lot of dirt to BC and the people. They forgot to tell the BC citizens, Campbell worked for Harper and still does. Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, high Commissioner to England, for doing Harper’s dirty work for him.

    Enbridge too has done some very underhanded deeds to BC. They haven’t cleaned up, their last 804 spills. Their non stop lies and deceit, has really angered the people of BC. Their map of the channel into Kitimat Port, was missing all of the islands, the massive tankers have to do hairpin turns, to get around them. It takes three miles to stop one of those behemoth tankers. The sea into Kitimat, is one of the most treacherous in the world. Kitimat is a Northern port. There are hurricane force winds, every other day. There are waves 30 to 50 feet high. There are rogue waves, as high as a four story building. The channel narrow, the tankers massive. Those hairpin turns are going to be a big problem. I can’t imagine how Harper came up with such a lame brain plot? This is utter stupidity.

    There were three freighters, caught in one of those horrific storms. The storm tore their cargo’s off. One freighter had the storm tear off the top load of logs. They put out a distress call. They were very afraid, if the bottom load shifted, the ship would capsize. It took hours to reach the stricken ship, in that storm. The other freighters had to turn back and try to make safe harbor on BC’s coast. Don’t try and tell us, there will be no tanker spills. You damned right there will be. There is still oil gathering on the rocks, from the Valdez spill over 22 years ago. The Valdez spill, is a tea cup spill, compared to those huge tankers.

    BC has avalanches, rock slides, mudslides with loss of life, there are earthquakes, forest fires and swift running flooded rivers, that carry away homes and highways every spring.

    In that channel, are our Orca and Humpback Whales, and thousands of species of marine life. Our Orca’s have just started to pick up in number. We are always excited, when there is a new baby Orca in the pod. Along the channel, is our Great Bear Rain Forests, the last in Canada. That’s where our Spirit Bears live and the unique small grey wolves. People come from all over the world to Bear watch and Whale watch. They love to see the Bears fishing for Salmon. This is all we have left in BC. This we will fight to the last ditch to keep. All our assets and resources, have been thieved and sold. This is all we have, the beauty and our critters.

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