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Should the religious left be as active as the religious right has been?

I wondered about that question as I read Ric Salutin’s op-ed on the United Church resolution to encourage their members not to buy goods produced from Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

I was interested in the column, but I was struck by this part that Salutin said:

United churchpeople may find more encouragement in a National Post editorial that said they’d chosen “to put politics ahead of matters of faith. Indeed, it is getting harder to tell where the church ends and a budding left-wing political party begins.” I’d take that as encouragement if I were them. Politics is part of religion. Like Jesus, who drove the money-changers and other banksters from the Temple; or the Biblical prophet Amos who said, Let justice well up as waters; or Jeremiah who rebuked the diplomats of his time for crying Peace, Peace, when there is no peace. Religion, when it’s strong, is about politics not because it wants to be but because it can’t not be if it takes its precepts seriously. That’s also true of the vigorous religious right in the U.S., which is active from the Republican party to school boards.

THere have been many that argue the religious right should keep it’s nose out of politics, and that religion and politics don’t mix. Salutin is arguing the opposite; that the religious left should also become more politically involved (which I am sure most would count the United Church as ; I’m a member of the United Church, just as a bit of disclosure).

That leads to a interesting question; regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the United Church’s position, is it better for the religious left to try and fight fire with fire with the religious right, or should they remain out of the political fray?


3 comments to Should the religious left be as active as the religious right has been?

  • billg

    What far right religious church? Name one.
    Are you talking about Catholics or Muslims?
    I have no issue with the United Church’s stance or their political points of view, have at it, but, which far right Religious organization in Canada is the United Church supposed to fight fire with fire with?

  • Al

    It should be pointed out that the reason the religious right have gotten more attention is because their claims are usually outrageous

  • Roll Tide

    The religious left was was active far earlier, and longer then the right. The right is still playing catch up. The right just gets more opposition from the media.

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