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US Politics – Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. Democrats applaud

So it’s official, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has chosen US Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

You don’t know much about Paul Ryan? He’s viewed as an ideological right-wing Congressman, who would be supported by those folks known as the Tea Party faction in the US. How ideological is he? One of his pet projects is to privatize US Social Security. He proposed to privatize US Social Security in 2005, and the George Bush administration rejected his plan. When a Republican like Bush is rejecting your plan as being too radical, you know you’re way out there on the fringe – which is exactly why the Tea Party types will love him.

The problem for Mitt Romney though, is that the moderate middle America voter isn’t going to like this pick at all – when all of Ryan’s positions are put forth. If the Democrats had been picking their favorite for Republican VP that would give them the best chance of making that candidate an issue, I don’t think even they would have thought to have picked Ryan, because he would not have made their list of probable candidates as someone Romney was going to choose.

Romney must figure he’s lost the middle ground voter and going for broke on motivating the Tea Party base to come out.. perhaps because those types aren’t exactly enthused with Romney as a candidate. The last time this strategy was chosen was 2008 of course, with McCain trying to use Sarah Palin as his “get out the base to vote” pick. We all know how that worked out. Ryan is definitely more of a policy wonk then Palin, and more articulate, but having articulate and detailed policy proposals that a large chunk of the US population won’t like doesn’t help the Republicans much.

Note the tweet that Canada’s own David Frum, former George W. Bush speechwriter did last night:

If Ryan is the running mate, GOP had better hope for very, very, very low turnout among under-55s.


3 comments to US Politics – Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. Democrats applaud

  • stan

    He’s very popular with the old folks, who as we know like to turn out and vote.
    Odd how they would support someone who is going to kick them all aff Medicare, huh?
    Or maybe the good folks haven’t been fooled by the media and Democrat’s lies?

  • Stan

    Odd then that the old folks, who are supposedly going to be cut off Medicare, are the biggest supporters of Ryan, especially in the swing states like Florida.
    You can look that up.
    What do they know that you don’t?
    Your problem Scott, is that you believe the liberal bullshit, and your own bullshit as well.

  • Roll Tide

    It appears hope he has more character then John Edwards, and is less gaff prone then Joe Biden.
    Most important, lets hope the hate filled liberal media treat his children with more dignity then they did with Sarah Palin’s.

    Ryan is a smart leader willing to bring good tough decisions forward. He brought forward “detailed policy proposals” because Obama refused to do so. He reminds me of his friend Gov. Scott Walker, whom the voters of heavy Democratic Wisconsin had to re elect because of a costly union forced recall.

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