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Hard to talk politics with the Olympics on? I know the feeling

I’ve been kind of lax with political stuff on here of late, but when it’s summer recess for Parliament, and the Olympics are on, I find it extremely hard to write about anything political or socially oriented during this time frame. Call it shallow if you like, but of course, it’s my choice whether I write something or not, and your choice if you read here or not, so I think I’m allowed ;).

Some things of interest for me: The Australians are so irate at how their national swim team “failed” at the Olympics, they’re holding an independent inquiry to figure out how to fix it. I put “fail” in quotations because they won a gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze at these games. Canada would be over the moon with those numbers, but not the Aussies. They dropped from 20 medals last games to 10 here, and they’re going to find out why.

In Canada, we won 2 medals (a silver and bronze) – and we’re over the moon about this since it’s the first time since 1996 we’ve won more then 1 medal in swimming. I’d like to think we could be a bit better at swimming then that.. but no independent inquiry up here for us. So, I find the 2 mindsets of the 2 nations on this specific front interesting.

The other note: I feel for the Canadian women’s soccer team with their loss to the US. I won’t go into that game – plenty online and elsewhere has been already wrote about the controversial refereeing. I just hope they can pull it together in time for the Bronze medal game against France this Thursday. It would be a tremendous accomplishment to even get a bronze for the women’s soccer program here, so I hope they can put this US game behind them and realize there is still a medal to play for.


2 comments to Hard to talk politics with the Olympics on? I know the feeling

  • kwittet

    I did not watch the game but have heard plenty about it. I find it interesting that everyone is so concerned about medal counts. I am very proud of every one of our athletes who just by making it to the LOndon games have shown the world they are world class athletes. The fact that they go there and try thier best and whether they get a medal or not is irrelevant to me. One thing i have found disturbing is that the olympics used to be the best amatuers in the world competeing. Why is it that professional athletes are allowed to compete. Yes it was great watching our hockey players win gold medals but i feel it would have been a sweeter victory to watch the younger talent do so. The same goes with any olympic sport which allows professionals.
    Typing this I am watching the womens mountain bike race. The one canadian lady rode the whole race with a cracked collar bone. WOW…now that is guts.
    She is a winner in my book!!

  • Al

    And to add insult to injury FIFA is now expected to mete out some diciplinary action on Sinclair and Tancredi as well as the coach. Disgusting!

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