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Upset with Obama? Could be worse – you could get Romney.

A fair number of progressive political activists in the US and some in Canada are disappointed that Obama has not been as progressive or transformational as they like, and has turned out to be more of a cautious President. That may be true, but things could be worse: they could always end up with Mitt Romney, who has turned a trip to London England and the Olympics into a PR disaster.

Republicans and others have said and will say they don’t care what is said about Romney in London’s press or by the Prime Minister, but the major job of a US President is in the area of foreign relations, and if this trip is any indication of how he will do (being called worse then Sarah Palin by sources in the Prime Minister’s Office), American voters will take note.

As an aside, this whole situation gives a good argument for why multi-party systems are better to have in democratic systems: they give voters multiple choices when voting, instead of the ingrained 2-party political system in the US, where its either one or the other (when perhaps the choice becomes the lesser of the two evils).


8 comments to Upset with Obama? Could be worse – you could get Romney.

  • Stan

    PR disaster?
    How so?
    Like really, how so, not how the media portrayed his trip, but what really happened?
    Seems the Poles and the Israelis were quite happy with him.
    As for pointing out that the Olympic security was lax, it was true, and had been pointed out by many others.

    Is telling the truth a gaffe now in liberal lala land?

  • shadow12ea

    Obama has been a disappointment. He of course has had problems with the senate & congress. However, he has signed some bills into law which in fact violate the american consitution.

    Obama also hasn’t done much to deal with the huge number of people in American jails & the extreme poverty.

    The American economy isn’t going to recover until taxes are equalized, the U.S.A. starts up their own factories & stops importing everything from China, & stops subsidizing banks & other big business. The bank bail out should never have happened.

    Of course Obama is much better than Mitty. he is just another Sarah Palin, o.K. Sarah could be funny sometimes. Mitty not so much. He’s been good at making money for himself & hiding it. He is good at getting a $77K deduction for his horse, while most Americans would just like to be able tomake that kind of money. Mitty’s horse has better housing & health care than a lot of Americans and the worst of it is, Mitty won’t be treating Americans as well as he treats his horse.

  • kwittet


    I would like to know what the US economy has to do with the visist to the UK?
    Its funny how these posts go so far off track.

  • Roll Tide

    Liberal Piers Morgan of CNN, no fan of Romney had this to say:

    Liberal media overplaying a hand here.

  • Alison S

    Obama knows what to do with the economy, but has been stymied by Congress. Romney’s record in Mass. was an economic disaster for the state, leaving it in far worse shape when he left. There is a reason he didn’t run for governor for a second term. He would have been humiliated at the polls. The only thing Rmoney knows how to do is make money for himself and his investors, cut American jobs and send them overseas. His economic policy is a retread of W’s and we all know how well that worked out.

  • Roll Tide

    Obama is way in over his head regarding the economy. Romney knows what he is doing, Canada would be better off with a stronger American economy.
    America is better off with Romney.

    • Jon Pertwee

      Sure Roll Tide. Thanks for presenting us with some talking points completely lacking any reason to believe you.

      If Romney knows what he’s doing why did he screw up this UK visit so badly?

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