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A non-political blogpost – The Canadian Open should consider joining the European Tour

It’s a tad slow around here politics wise, so with the start of the “RBC Canadian Open” this week (which most people just call the Canadian Open – saying a title sponsor in front of a national open is a bit of heresy, I think), I’d like to opine that when the contract the Royal Canadian Golf Association signed with CBS/The PGA Tour ends in a couple of years, they should either play hardball with CBS/the PGA and demand they get placed in a better playing schedule – one that isn’t after a major (ie the British Open as it is now) when most of the top ranked players decide to skip out, or they should see about joining the European Tour (provided they can give a good tour date and a good contract).

This tournament was once considered the 5th major by the golfing world.. it has fallen in stature since the days of Nicklaus and Lee Trevino and so on, but it is now being considered just another tour on the date that can afford to be missed because no one wants to play there after a grueling Major like the British Open – no matter how much prize money or “Fedex Cup points” are involved or are used as incentive for them to show up.

Canada is considered part of the world golfing association and its players, when good enough, are on the International Team of the President’s Cup, and even hosted one – it isn’t far fetched to think it could be part of the European Tour, even if the name doesnt mesh. They certainly cant be treated any worse reputation wise then they are now by the PGA Tour/CBS (who sometimes don’t even send its first string announcers here).


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  • Observer

    You’ve got the causality wrong.

    If the RCGA wanted the Canadian Open to continue to be taken seriously then they should have shown some integrityand refrained from pimping out the name of the event to the highest bidder.

    One year it’s the Bell Canadian Open, next year it’s the RBC Canadian Open.
    Can’t build a brand if you’re always changing names.

    Why should the PGA Tour/CBS take the event seriously when it has shown it has no self respect?

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