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The tide is perhaps turning in favor of the environment.

There are encouraging signs that groups and even politicians you wouldn’t normally think of as being pro-Environment are perhaps balking to Stephen Harper and the Conservative government’s obsession with resources at all costs. This editorial mentions the report from The Canadian Council of Chief Executives, which called for a Canadian energy policy to be “undertaken with full recognition of the environmental consequences of energy development and use.” and “a key principle of any plan has to be “a clear, nationally consistent carbon price across the economy.”

The second more unlikely source actually comes from the Senate – the Conservative-dominated one – which actually showed it does have some independent- thinking Conservative Senators on this:

An all-party committee, which has spent three years looking at Canada’s energy sector, issued its unanimous final report. It urged policy-makers to wake up to the “new world order” that requires clean alternatives to traditional fuels. The Conservative-dominated committee, chaired by Tory lawyer David Angus of Montreal, stressed the importance of diversifying Canada’s sources of energy, calling for increased investment in hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and marine energy.

One of the groups that testified was Tides Canada, demonized by the federal government as part of a cabal of radical environmentalists bent on stopping resource development, regardless of the cost. “We heard they were terrible people,” Angus said. “We found them to be perfectly reasonable — and they’re doing very good things in the energy field.”

It may be that Harper and Joe Oliver and Peter Kent have all pushed their all resource development at all costs agenda a bit too far, when folks like these push back.. and when the public seem to be favoring the “sustainable and environmentally responsible development” that NDP Opposition leader Mulcair has been promoting (and the Liberals as well, though for obvious reasons their stance doesn’t get publicized as much, and won’t until a new leader is picked and advocates the same position).


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  • MoS

    Harper is working feverishly to create a bitumen edifice that will be extremely hard to shut down. He sees the writing on the wall and knows that time isn’t on Athabasca’s side. The hard and inescapable fact is that, absent some breakthrough in CCS technology, mankind can burn no more than 20% of already known fossil fuel reserves if we’re to avoid catastrophic global warming. That leaves fossil fuels as dangerously subprime assets, something that was raised with the Governor of the Bank of England in January by a panel of prominent financiers, scientists and politicians who maintained overvalued energy stocks undermined the stability of the London and other global stock exchanges. If the 20% figure is accurate, and it does seem to be, that carries a rather brutal message for the world’s filthiest, most expensive fossil fuel, Athabasca bitumen. That may be why Harper is racing to get China on the hook and those damned pipelines up and running.

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