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Memo to Vic Toews

The gun violence in Toronto at a party that tragically ended up with 2 people being dead and being possibly gang-related did not occur because gang members saw that judges had struck down mandatory minimums in the courts… nor would it have deterred them if the courts had ruled in the Conservatives favour on it. Going after the judiciary over those rulings publicly in an attempt to link it to gang-related tragedy in Toronto is classless, tasteless, and inappropriate.

I know the temptation to politicize everything like this is overwhelming – it appears to be genetically ingrained into the current Conservatives bloodline – but surely there is a limit at some point? I’m surprised he didn’t mention the Liberals or NDP or criminal lawyers at being at fault as well.

This is perhaps another public attempt by Toews to prove to Harper his slavish ideology that would be at work in a judgeship position in Manitoba. It also shows the rest of us why most of his rulings would be probably overturned on appeal.


3 comments to Memo to Vic Toews

  • kwittet

    I know the temptation to politicize everything like this is overwhelming

    I cant believe you could actually spit that statement out with out choking…this whole blog is based on politicizing everything.

    I do indeed thank you for the great laugh you provided me after reading this cousin!!!

  • The Zaphos Institute

    Gang violence refers to the violent acts that the gang commits towards other gangs or the general public. These acts can include fighting or robberies, and even murders.

    Gun violence defined literally means the use of a firearm to threaten or inflict violence or harm.

    So the term gun violence is more appropriate in this situation as firearms were used by gang members, in this case to specifically commit murder. This is also gang violence, but that is a much broader term.

    So Rat, you are somewhat wrong on the semantics, and totally wrong on your politicization angle.

  • the rat

    I know the temptation to politicize everything like this is overwhelming

    And yet you call it “gun violence”? Did the gun just walk in and start shooting? Do you call it “knife violence” after a stabbing? No, you’d rather politicize it yourself by calling it gun violence rather than gang violence or maybe even black-on-black gang violence. You’ll never get a solution until you realize the problem isn’t the gun, it’s the gangs and the culture that breeds gangs. And you might want to address why Toronto gang violence is so singly ethno-centric when Vancouver’s gang violence is a much more politically correct multi-cultural affair.

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