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Even a half-hearted race for LPC leader is preferable to a coronation

Chantal Hebert’s column in the Toronto Star on Justin Trudeau says that he is the frontrunner for Liberal Party leader, even as he is still not officially a candidate. It makes the point that many Liberals are putting their leadership aspirations on hold until he declares finally one way or the other whether he is running, and if he does run, they won’t be.

It would be unfortunate, in my view, if there is no real competition to him if he does decide to run, whether he ends up being the “best” candidate for the job or not. Another coronation at this point for the LPC leadership wouldn’t be a healthy thing for the party, in my view. It would be better to at least offer Liberals and “supporters” some choice and debate on issues and policy and so forth.

That said, I don’t consider it a bad thing for the party if there is for example a wave of “supporters” clamoring to join in the voting process for LPC leader if and when Justin throws his hat into the ring, and if that basically negates any potential “party elite” opposing his bid. I’d just like to see something of a competition, rather then nothing at all, and with all due respect to Deborah Coyne, I think we need more then her to make it that, IF JT enters the race.


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