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Umm.. this is ministerial accountability, Globe and Mail?

There was an editorial in the Globe and Mail yesterday, saying basically while it was overdue, Bev Oda deciding to leave as a Minister was a sign that Harper holds his Ministers accountable for their actions. That raised a few eyebrows; my friend Impolitical listed several ministers whose ministerial indiscretions are as bad as Oda’s are, and yet nothing has been done about them – and won’t be done about them, if the PMO’s claims that this is it for Cabinet shuffling this summer is true.

We now find out that Julian Fantino is the person who has been slated to replace Oda – he who couldn’t or wouldn’t explain how costs under the F-35 fighter jet rose so dramatically, who has his own issues.

I’m waiting to see on whether the Globe and Mail editorial board thinks this move is really showing ‘accountability’.

(As an aside, Harper must not think much of his backbench talent if he’s recycling Fantino into what is considered a relatively minor Cabinet position).


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