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An early test of the Harper record – thanks to Bev Oda.

In brief, my position on Bev Oda is that in my view, resigning her Cabinet position and as an MP is probably one of the few things Bev Oda did correctly in her eight year tenure at Parliament Hill. It was long overdue.

In a more general sense, it will give us an early barometer of two things: first, what people think of Harper’s policies since he and the Conservatives got their majority last year. This is a riding that did vote for and sent Liberal MP’s to office not too long ago, so it is not necessarily a “safe-blue” seat, as a riding like Oxford is. Secondly, we’ll also get to see if Tom Mulcair’s NDP and his rise to in some cases topping the polls nationally is reflected here.

The question will be when Harper decides to call the by-election. By law, he must call it between 11 days and 180 days from the Speaker receiving Bev Oda’s resignation on July 31 and informing the Chief Electoral Officer. The election period beyond that for campaigning before the vote must be a minimum of 36 days. Will he try to drag it out and hope people forget about Bev Oda and other Conservative mess-ups six months down the road, or will he hold it quickly, hoping a snap by-election call will catch his opponents off-guard and not prepared?

The Conservatives need to get a candidate in place – the other parties do have available candidates from last election that could step up and run, if they wanted to. I would suspect that a snap by-election would thus be less likely.


8 comments to An early test of the Harper record – thanks to Bev Oda.

  • shadow12ea

    I don’t care why she went, she went & that is good enough for me.

    Having said that it would appear women are held to a higher standard then men by Harper. Leaving is much easier for Oda. She gets her pension, she will find another position & life goes on without having to sit in the house of commons.

    I expect stevie will put off holding an election as long as possible. its not like he believes in democracy all that much, i.e. budget bill.

    We can only hope that the by elections result in Liberal or NDP wins & it slowly eats away at stevie’s majority.

  • GAB

    Oda carried this riding 3 times and always over 54% which I certainly don’t believe was due to her charisma. The last Liberal was some time ago and with different boundaries so it quite possibly that Durham is now a Blue riding. Also important to note the Liberal was 3rd last time so the Anti vote may be looking elsewhere.

    It might be time to try running one opposition Candidate

  • Jordan

    He won’t call it on day 180 because he will have it the same day as the Calgary Centre, and possibly Etonicoke Centre, by-election[s].

    I have my doubts if the NDP or Liberals could win this at their current levels of support.

  • mauser98

    Oda is a victim of racism

  • I will take bets that Herr Harper will call the election on day 180.

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