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Mum’s the word now over ‘authorizing water pollution’.

You might remember a few days ago that I was highlighting a letter from Keith Ashfield, our Fisheries Minister, proudly proclaiming that the federal budget implementation bill ‘will offer new tools to “authorize” water pollution, while allowing the government to outsource services to protect the country’s waterways’, because the current Fisheries Act does not have enough options for industry to ‘disrupt or contaminate fish habitat’.

Well, since that letter got released, suddenly Minister Ashfield got media-shy, and he isn’t so ready to proclaim that in public, or give a public explanation:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minister in charge of protecting Canada’s fisheries does not appear to have an explanation for suggesting that the country needs new rules to “authorize” more water pollution. Several days after Postmedia News reported he had made this argument in support of new environmental legislation, that was expected to be adopted on Friday, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield has not offered to explain his own remarks. His office referred questions about the letter to his department…The department referred other questions about his comments regarding the alleged need to “authorize” more water pollution to Environment Canada, which was not immediately able to provide a comment.

Imagine that; he doesn’t want to explain to the public why he thinks it’s so great that Industry now has more options to pollute fish habitat and why he and the Conservatives would rather not enforce the laws if at all possible.

Obviously, he needs to get some talking points from the PMO before he shows himself in public, or perhaps he hopes this will quietly go away over the Parliamentary summer break.

I’ll be filing this one in my memory banks for Parliament’s return, if he continues to pull a Houdini disappearing act, and I hope the opposition will keep on him.


3 comments to Mum’s the word now over ‘authorizing water pollution’.

  • Beerbob

    Welcome to another who has gone completely flaccid in terms of holding government to account.

  • Roll Tide

    Every time you wash your dishes you are authorizing water pollution.

    • Beerbob

      Sorry, in the wrong place.

      Welcome to another who has gone completely flaccid in terms of holding government to account. Keep on rollin’, Tide. You’ll make a difference.

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