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US Supreme Court rules US Affordable Health Care Act is Constitutional..

…the surprising thing here is that Chief Justice John Roberts, the conservative judge appointed by GW Bush, is the deciding vote, and not the usual “moderate conservative” Anthony Kennedy. He went over and sided with the 3 Musketeers (Scalia, Alito, Thomas) and said the whole act was unconstitutional.

The venom and delirium from the Tea Party supporters and other Republicans in general has been equivalent to an orchestra of scorched cats (to quote Mr. Jorkin in Ebenezer Scrooge)

Others have taken note of Conservatives threatening to flee to Canada, as if Stephen Harper’s Canada would offer refuge to them. I’m afraid to inform them we already have death panels here.. er.. sorry.. single-payer health care here, which is really the “socialized medicine” they claim to despise. So, I’m not sure we’d be the place to come, though perhaps if they got a dose of what free health care is like – they’d stop having apoplectic fits over a health care reform that to most Canadians looks very tepid, not radical.


3 comments to US Supreme Court rules US Affordable Health Care Act is Constitutional..

  • Beerbob

    And then there are folks that fixate on a minor bit of hyperbole which is really, truly insufficient to act as any real vehicle for their contempt. And yet, the pathetic little attempt is made.

  • JF

    “If Romney is smart he’ll be campaigning hard against Obama the Taxer and we’ll see where that leads in November.”

    Considering that Romneycare is the model that Obamacare is based on I find it laughable that he would make that a central aspect of his campaign considering that Democrats can just tack “flipflopper” on to any other argument they may have. As for any other “Taxer” type claims… that’s hardly a new axe to grind for Republicans, it didn’t work last time and I don’t see it working this time.

    Better luck with Christie in 2016.

  • the rat

    Where to begin? For starters, how typically Liberal to to call it “free healthcare”. It’s not free, we pay a huge amount of our tax dollars towards “free” healthcare. A child should understand that when someone says something is free what is meant is someone else is paying for it.

    Second, the ruling is a very interesting one if you bother to read anything beyond the headlines. Roberts and the liberal justices did not rule on the commerce clause article of the act but rather said that the fines imposed for not buying healthcare amounted to a tax. Congress can make taxes. It would have been an altogether different thing if they had ruled the commerce clause allowed congress to force Americans to buy something like health insurance, or a GM car, or gun. You do see where that would go if they had said that portion of Obama’s argument was valid. Oh well, I would love to have seen an future Republican president mandating gun ownership.

    Finally, think about what just happened. Obama explicitly said this is not a tax, and the court just said, yeah, it is. It is a massive tax increase at a time when the US economy is in the toilet. Have you looked at any polls on Obama-care? It’s not exactly popular, you know. If Romney is smart he’ll be campaigning hard against Obama the Taxer and we’ll see where that leads in November.

    To conclude, it appears to me to have been a very wise decision by the USSC, one that strips away all of Obama’s lies regarding his healthcare plan and one that tells Americans what you should already have known (but did not, apparently): Healthcare is never “free”.

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