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You know you have an anti-environment government when…

This quote from Keith Ashfield, Fisheries Minister, raised my eyebrows a bit when I read it:

Changes to Canada’s environmental protection laws in the federal budget implementation bill will offer new tools to “authorize” water pollution, while allowing the government to outsource services to protect the country’s waterways, says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield.

In a newly-released letter, Ashfield said the existing Fisheries Act, considered to be Canada’s strongest environmental protection law, has “long played an important role in preventing pollution of Canadian waters.” But he suggested it needed to be changed since it doesn’t provide enough options allowing industry to disrupt or contaminate fish habitat.

When a Minister is promoting changes to a law because it authorizes water pollution and allows industry more options to “disrupt or contaminate fish habitat”, you know the Environment isn’t up there on the priority list for this government.


3 comments to You know you have an anti-environment government when…

  • Mogs

    1. Canadians ask the Canadian Federal Government for a clear, permanent exemption for all Canadians from the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP): or any other agreements with foreign or corporate powers; including but not limited to the International Monetary Fund (IMF); World Bank (WB); World Trade Organization (WTO)
    2. Canadians ask the Federal Government to protect the autonomous powers of the individual Canadians – to create local jobs, protect the environment, and provide services and programs as they see fit for the local environment – free from any restrictions to those powers in the above named
    3. Canadians further ask the Federal Government to exempt us from corporate powers and we encourage and support the end to global corporate tyranny.

  • Julie

    Harper is totally against the environment. He wants the entire planet, to have to wear respirators and face masks, as they do in Communist China. Harper is so against the environment, he got rid of our Canadian scientists, who are trying to save our planet.

    Harper is fixing it so he can pollute, our BC rivers, streams, lakes, the land and the sea. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around, how absolutely horrifying Harper’s greed really is.

    The tar sands oil, is the dirtiest in the entire world. Harper is the most evil P.M. in Canadian history. Harper is only concerned with Harper, and his terrible greed. The tar sands are foreign owned, mostly by Communist China. The BC people owe Harper and Communist China, absolutely nothing.

    • Beerbob

      I’m sorry, Julie. I agree with your sentiments, mostly. But the really scary thing about it with Mr. Harper, is that I don’t think it’s greed. I think Mr. Harper really believes he’s doing the “right thing” according to his own ideals. These are the most dangerous types of right wingers, because they are actually honest about what they do, and there is a portion of the population who respond favourably to them.

      Here’s a link to Robert Altemyer’s Web page. He’s a prof at the University of Manitoba, and he has a free book for download which is an overview of his work about authoritarianism. It’s quite intersting. I know it opened my eyes about the behaviour of some folks that really didn’t seem to make much sense to me when I read it a few years ago.

      Sometimes the worst evil is done by nice, ordinary, kind of bland people that think what they’re doing is the best for everyone.


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