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Blogging for a good cause/fundraiser, Part #2

The 2nd good cause I’m blogging about today (Good cause #1 is located here) is called “Watoto Wa Baraka”. Basically, they are trying to raise funds to build a rural school in Kenya. The parent organization has been working with helping orphans, and this is a new project that they’ve initiated. It’s so new it’s not up on their website yet, but their small team of volunteers is working to get it updated.

I was informed of this project by my friend Michelle Oliel, who is a former Liberal/Progressive blogger and who is now based overseas. She has been a volunteer at the site (her page on Facebook shows her in a video helping to take HIV medication to an orphaned boy when she was there a year ago – and by taking, they are hiking through the jungle; no cars or trucks there. Unfortunately, its Facebook embedded, otherwise I’d have linked directly to it), and still helps them in between her busy schedule.

I encourage you to consider donating at the main page to that worthy cause, or again, to advertise it to others.


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