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Don’t take it personally, Deputy Minister

I’m sure Minister Kenney thinks the same foul-mouth thoughts – even if he doesn’t accidentally proclaim it in email – about all his political opponents who oppose his and the Conservative government’s agenda. The only thing surprising is that it’s an Alberta Progressive Conservative Deputy Minister who’s the object of his diatribe. On the other hand, considering most of the Federal Conservative caucus were cheering for a Wild Rose victory, maybe not so surprising.


6 comments to Don’t take it personally, Deputy Minister

  • Fred from BC

    Jason Kenney (who also happens to be one of the hardest working ministers in recent memory, let’s not forget) hasn’t gotten anywhere near Pat Martin’s level of crassness, either.

    • Beerbob

      It depends at what he is working. If he’s just trying to make my country into a two-class slum like the U.S., he’s not helping.

      • Fred from BC

        Why would he be trying to do that? What possible reason could he have to deliberately, methodically attempt to destroy our country?

        (and never forget that it is OUR country, not just yours)

        • Beerbob

          That is exactly the point. It’s everyone’s. That includes poor people, unemployed people, new immigrants, old people, sick people, and young people trying to get an education. I suppose you might understand my response now? It’s not that hard, you just have to read the paper. Look at the legislation. Also, go have a look at the NCC Web site. You can see the dreams they have for our future there.

          It really looks like a great country for well-to-do, comfortable middle aged white people that can afford private medicine and minimal pension when they retire. Great for the resource extraction companies too. Not a year goes by that the number of jobs needed to pull out the oil, gas, bitumen, trees, potash, and everything else that we sell, decreases. Automation is just getting better and better.

          I’m doing O.K. I’ll have a decent retirement. I do try to look to the future, even after I am dead, and from what I see these knaves doing, it’s going to be rough and sometimes downright ugly for a lot more people than it needs to. There will be a few more folks that will have a whale of a time, too. But for the most part they’ll be the ones that have selected the right parents.

          • Fred from BC

            Thank you for sharing your opinion. All of the people you mentioned will actually do just fine as the proposed Conservative policies come into effect, and the fantasy of ignoring globalization and tuning back the clock is just that, a fantasy. The NDP have about as much chance of forming government in the next decade as the Green Party does, and for the same reasons: they can’t be trusted to run (or even understand) the Canadian economy, and ideology-driven accusations like you have just made are exactly the reasons why. The Conservatives are not trying to divide the country, they do care about rich and poor alike, they don’t have anything against immigrants, the homeless, seniors, women or homosexuals and they try to make policy in the best interests of *all* Canadians. I see that quite clearly…why don’t you?

  • billg

    Could be, but, does young Mr Trudeau think everyone is a “piece of shit” who disagree’s with him as well? Maybe. In this age of perfect hair and language I kinda like the odd tantrum from the elite MP’s…makes me think they’re actually human. I could watch Chretien choke that idiot over and over again..loved it.

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