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Omnibus Bill C-38 gets rammed through..

..but not without a good fight. Bravo to all the opposition parties and Green Party leader Elizabeth May for making a good point about the ridiculousness of grouping everything from auditing charities to gutting Environmental laws and claiming it was all essential to pass in one big monstrosity of a bill that even Conservative MP’s were complaining about in private (and one MP in public) keep the economy going.

One question I’d be interested to find out – how many Budget Bills in the history of Canada – omnibus or otherwise – have been passed by Parliament without a single amendment to it? I’d surely be interested to find out the answer to that.


4 comments to Omnibus Bill C-38 gets rammed through..

  • G.J.W.

    Why don’t the politicians and provinces opposing Harper and his treason, just tell him to go to hell? Quebec did tell Harper to go to hell over his equally, asinine crime bill. The Nuremberg defense won’t work in Canada either. If I was one such province, I wouldn’t give that s.o.b….of the monster Harper, one thin dime. No-one has to obey treason, against their own country.

    It’s bad enough with the robo-call election fraud, vote cheat. Del Mastro’s bullying people to donate to his cousin, people far away from that riding too!! Del Mastro investigating the robo-call cheat, is under investigation himself. Harper is desperately trying to quash the robo-call cheat investigation. what does that tell Canadians? But then, $50 million of our tax dollars to buy a riding, isn’t cheap either.

    Watch out over the Etioboke Center election, declared null and void. Moritz appeal has been rejected. However, Harper is appointing, two new Conservative judges. What are the odds, one of them will hear Moritz’ appeal, ordered by Harper?

    Harper’s personality is identical to, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler’s. Harper has the same typo, ranting, raving henchmen as them too.

    Luis Moreno-Ocampo, ICC’s Chief Prosecutor, is summoning Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper has more than a few lawsuits against him.

  • Joe

    I have never seen anything so undemocratic in all my 52 years alive. This right winged, toleration Harper government forced through laws (with no parliamentary debate) that will reduce our civil liberties and put Canada one step closer to becoming a communist state in true Hitler “Enabling Act” fashion. God have mercy.

  • billg

    I think a better question would be, how many political partys will promise not to pass omnibus bills should they ever be in a majority situation? Are omnibus bills anti-democratic? Ya, I think they are. Its much the same as 60% of voters being shut out of any say in the democratic process. Problem is, no Leader would make it a campaign promise because it couldnt get its legislation passed otherwise. So the cycle continues. Majority’s ram legislation through, they always have and they always will, and until a Leader has the guts to promise they wont this will never be a left v right issue, and, I wouldnt hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

    • Beerbob

      What about the actual content of the bill? If you think the means is contemptible, the content will just disgust you. They’re not Conservatives. They’re not. It’s like the boards of the biggest U.S. and international energy, entertainment and telecom corporations slipped a bunch of their shills into our Parliament.

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