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Thanks Mr. Rae

Bob Rae probably surprised 99% of the political world by today declaring he was not going to run as permanent Liberal leader. As with others online, on blogs and on Twitter, I concur that it’s the right decision, and that he did so with class. Despite the mini-furore online that erupted when CBC said last week he was preparing to run, he would still have been the presumptive front-runner for the job, so it still must have been tempting for him to jump in.

As for the Liberal leadership race, I would hope this decision has the effect of spurring on some hitherto undecided folks. The race is wide open or should be, and with the presumptive favorite not in, that should give plenty of people incentive to throw their hat into the race and make it an interesting race.

If not, we might as well start merger talks with the NDP now.


2 comments to Thanks Mr. Rae

  • Julie

    Bob Rae does deserve thanks. He decided not to run, because he thought that was best for his party.

    That is far more, than can be said about Harper. Some of his own ministers are disgusted with Harper. There is the election fraud robo-call cheat. Harper is desperately trying to quash the investigation. Del Mastro investigating the robo-call cheat, is under investigation himself. All the robo-calls cheat roads, lead right to Harper’s front door. Canadians knew it was Harper, right from day one.

    Harper is merging Canada into Communist China. Harper seems to think, he can control China. However, we all know, Communist China controls Harper. so do other country’s know the very same thing. No wonder, the U.N. Security Council, refused Harper a seat. China has been hacking into other country’s secret files. Seems, it was a mistake, for them to buy their electronic components from Communist China.

  • Michael Harkov

    Assuming that the NDP would even WANT to talk merger. Why would they when they can just replace you? ๐Ÿ˜€

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