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This is nothing we progressives haven’t said before

Many of us have been snorting at the “Canada’s back” on the international world stage claim that Harper and the Conservatives have been going on about for several years now – as if we had disappeared from the world stage to begin with. Many of us have pointed out that this government has put forth a lot of detrimental policies and statements that have, if anything, isolated us from the world stage and angered others.

There is nothing new that hasn’t been said by many of us before that is talked about in Jeffery Simpson’s column in the Globe and Mail today on the same topic, but it’s nice to see someone from a mainstream publication who is generally considered someone on the conservative side of writing – albeit a moderate – come out and say it in his column. Glad to see your eyes opened, Jeffery – hopefully you can get your fellow columnist John Ibbittson, who seems to be intent on putting out a column trying to justify what Harper and his government does on this or that item, to figure out these guys don’t walk on water.


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