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Small chinks in the Conservative armor?

There have been signs lately that even some Conservatives are not pleased with what Harper and the government have done with either their omnibus bill or their blatant disregard for anything to do with the environment or protecting it in their frantic rush to pump oil from the tarsands. You can see examples of this here and here – and I’m not even sure you’d call those folks the “Red Tory” wing either.

A side parallel story to this is the Alberta ranchers and landowners fed up with oil spills wrecking their land and water. This anger is directed at the provincial Alberta government more then it is the federal Conservatives, but it shouldn’t be too hard for someone to point out the fact that the federal Conservatives want more oil pipelines and less environmental/safety hearings to ‘slow” then down, and you may get more of these leaks onto private property if they do so.

This is a rift that is starting to hurt, and can be exploited to the Conservative’s detriment, if done right.


2 comments to Small chinks in the Conservative armor?

  • Stan

    Big wow, a bit of oil got spilled.
    Throw some baby seals in the river to soak it up…

  • Dan F

    Obviously the anti-choice wing is not happy with harper either at this point, and you might even be able to find 14 or 15 anti-choice backbenchers willing to hold the government hostage to get their agenda on the table…

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