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More UN hating from Conservatives. Pull us out, screams 1 MP.

Wow, majority government is really unleashing some of the Conservatives:

Larry Miller, the MP for Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound, says he’s upset the UN Committee Against Torture “voiced displeasure” with the Harper government’s refugee-reform bill, and sent a rapporteur on food security to Canada. He doesn’t like the criticism from the UN and issued a statement saying he’s going to ask Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to consider whether Canada should take its ball and go home.

If you’re wondering, no country has ever “quit” the UN because it didn’t like something the body said or did with specifics to them – not even North Korea, nor Iran, nor any other of the “pariah” nations… but Larry would like to take our ball and go home because the body had the nerve to point out some legitimate criticisms of this government’s policies.

This is the same MP who once compared Liberals to Nazi’s, so I’m hardly surprised he’d be coming out with a boneheaded suggestion such as this.

So over the course of a week, John Baird attacks the UN for hiring Robert Mugabe a a tourist commissioner -when it never had one to begin with, and made it look as if we were withdrawing from it because of that, only for us to find out we had announced this quietly to that body a year ago. We then have Dean Del Maestro attacking Kady O’Malley of the CBC yesterday in the House of Commons for supposedly trying to get secret documents at a committee meeting, and now today we apparently had the Conservative House leader going after reporter Jennifer Ditchburn in the Senate – all in the course of a week.

It’s going to be a long 3 more years til the next election, but at least we’ll have plenty of stuff to put up on billboards.


10 comments to More UN hating from Conservatives. Pull us out, screams 1 MP.

  • Stan

    Show some leadership, pull out of the corrupt and useless UN.

  • Roll Tide

    I disagree with the MP. I would continue to use UN membership as a platform to expose the UN’s fraud, corruption, hate, bigotry and antisemitism.

  • The projects that the UN undertakes around the World – including protection of democracy through election observation/supervision – is unparalleled, and could not possibly be recreated at the scale it is done by any small group of countries (who would always be seen as parts of alliances interested in their own best interest, and not that of the suffering peoples, or of the rest of the World). Throughout modern history we’ve seen a NEED for such bodies (League of Nations, for example). The MORE inclusive of nations the better. Sure there are rogue states that “have a say”. They unfortunately get more of a say, when the so-called “leaders” of the UN go astray, and run afoul of international law, and often the international criminal courts – or simply decide that Western interests are superior. The result is a UN where many 3rd World/2nd World/Developing nations will side with their “neck of the woods”, rather than “the big guys”.

    The reality is, the UN started having more trouble as the detente of the Cold War broke down. Back then, it worked very well, as no-one could step out of line (in a major way) without fomenting global nuclear war. As the power of the US slowly declines, and China and/or India, Brazil, Nigeria, etc. rise, we may slowly get back to that detente.

    Any failure of the UN in any action is a failure of the member nations to want to carry through with diplomacy – amongst the “power states”, and to use force where economic interests may be harmed (or not helping where oil is not available, for example).

    The UN is a GREAT body, and really needs more “teeth” to work even more effectively. Nations should NOT be allowed to bow out of the International Criminal Court. Nations should be properly punished for ignoring mandates and resolutions. I – and many Canadians – have family who have proudly worn the blue beret, in places like Suez, Malaysia, many parts of Africa. We see a place for a global body in search of peace and order… and don’t think we need to desperately cobble together a new body similar to the UN every time we have a World War or crazy dictator threat.

    Anti-UN rhetoric is usually the constituency of the uninformed, and the ignorant. Isolationists, and card-carrying members of the military-industrial complex (who stand to make $Trillions from conflict). People who prefer to “ostrich”, rather than do the harder work of achieving great diplomatic successes. After all, it is a LOT easier to go to war (and enjoy $Trillions in weapons sales for private interest) vs. finding a peaceful solution.

  • Fred from BC

    Wow, Jon…the best you can do in this particular discussion is to toss out a couple of one-liner insults to people, and you think *he* is the angriest person here? Too funny. 🙂

  • the rat

    Tell me what the UN does that Canada couldn’t do more effectively on its own or in partnership with democracies around the world? Keep the peace? Hardly. Feed the world? Yeah, right, Food for Oil anyone? Instill respect for Human Rights? Let’s ask Libya. The UN is talking shop for dictators and anti-semites, Canada could do much better without supporting that nest of scorpions.

  • G.J.W.

    I’m sure I read. The U.N. security, refused Harper a seat. Harper was somewhat angry about it. There were bad feelings for the U.N. that kept cropping up. I remember the U.N. asking, why Harper refused to arrest George Bush?

    Since Harper’s so called majority, this country has been right off the wall. We were warned, if Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye. How on earth we can ever get Canada right again, after Harper’s insane ride…beats the hell out of me. Harper is dividing Canada’s resources, between China and the U.S. Canadians own nothing in this country anymore, we have been sold out.

  • Lary

    You actually like the U.N.? You are stupider than I thought.

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